NAD News 05/16/12

Welcome to another year of NAD Softball! What year is it? Only Cap’n John knows for sure. But my understanding is the team’s been around long enough to have stopped counting birthdays. Which means we’re into that “I’m still 29” phase.

We took the field against our long-time D-minus compadres, the Stray Macs. We’ve had a storied rivalry with them that goes back many many years. Unfortunately, with the addition of a third D-minus team a couple years ago, some of the edge has been taken off. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good time when we get together.

The Stray Macs were the home team this time around, which meant your NADs got to try to draw first blood. Things weren’t looking good initially as, after a lead-off single by Jim S, we recorded two quick outs. But 7 straight 2-out hits (including two doubles) put us up by 6 before the Macs ever picked up a bat. In the bottom of the first, it took the NAD defense a little while to shake off the off-season rust and the Macs were able to close the gap to 6-4.

Fortunately, there seemed to be no rust on the NAD bats. Six more hits in the 2nd inning led to 5 more runs, the big blow being a 2-run double by newcomer Eric. Then it was time for the NAD defense to go to work. Turns out the NAD defense doesn’t like working long hours and allowed only one hit (and no runs) to end the inning leading 11-4.

Inspired by the NAD defense, the Stray Mac defense refused to allow any NAD runs in the 3rd. Not to be outdone, the NAD defense repeated its performance from the previous inning and we went to the 4th with the score still 11-4.

The NADs broke out the bats once again in top of the 4th, plating 5 more runs on 8 hits. The Macs tried to keep pace and scored 3 of their own in the bottom of the frame. The fifth inning was a repeat of the third, with both teams throwing up goose eggs. And we moved to the 6th with the NADs in front 16-7.

One thing you should know about D-minus softball. No lead is safe at any time. Most of the time a 9-run lead with 2 innings to play is pretty safe. Not in D-minus. In the top of the 6th, the NADs failed to score again (wasting a one-out double by New Sue). And then the Macs put on the pressure by scoring 5 in their half to cut the NAD lead to 16-12.

To the final inning we go, with the NADs clinging to a 4-run lead. Jon started us off in style with a triple that for most of us would have been a single. A quick single by Kevin and we had one all-important insurance run. But that’s all we could muster. So it would be up to the NAD defense to hold that lead. And hold they did, once again keeping the Macs from scoring.

And the NADs open the season with a victory!!

Final Score: NADs 17 Stray Macs 12

NAD of the Day: Sue. In her first game with the NADs she had 3 hits (including a double) and scored a run. And, more importantly, her presence kept us from opening the season with the “Ugly All-Male Version” of the NADs

NAD Play of the Day: Sadly I don’t remember what really happened in the field. Maybe next time I’ll take notes.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Final
NADs 6 5 0 5 0 0 1 17
Stray Macs 4 0 0 3 0 5 0 12

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NAD News 07/06/10

Final Score: NADs 15 Stray Macs 8

NAD of the Day: Even though he’ll probably complain and remind everyone about some reason he doesn’t think he deserves it, Eddie gets honors this week. He had 3 hits (including 2 doubles), drove in 5 runs and scored 3.

NAD Play of the Day: The double play in the 7th inning. It was probably the smoothest double play I’ve ever seen turned by the NADs.

07/06/10 – NADs @ Stray Macs

Your Humble NADitor,

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NAD News 06/30/10

Final Score: NADs 18 Pigs 13

NAD of the Day: Team honors this week. Anytime we bust out the whooping sticks and invoke the 10-run rule, the whole team is firing on all cylinders.

NAD Play of the Day: Dan’s backwards, over the shoulder catch of a pop up.

6/30/10 – NADs @ Flying Pigs

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NAD News 06/22/10

Final Score: NADs 11 Screaming Chicks 10

NAD Play of the Day: The wild Ken-to-Dan-to-John putout in the first inning.

NAD of the Day: Kevin went 3-for-3 with three doubles, two runs scored and 2 RBIs for honors this time around.

6/22/10 – Screaming Chicks @ NADs

Thanks to Ray, Kenichi, Jon, Kevin, Dan, Rob, Matt, Tom, Cap’n John, and Sue.

Your Humble NADitor,

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NAD News 06/08/2010

Here it is, boys & girls. The final catch-up write-up. This one takes us back to our most recent game against D-minus stalwarts The Stray Macs.

Hopes were high going into the game. The previous week we seemed to come out of our offensive funk, which was good. When we’re hitting the ball we can play with anybody. Which is good, because the Macs have a few thumpers of their own.

Everything looked promising enough as Ray, Jon, Ken & Dan combined to stake us to a 2-0 lead after the top of the first. The bottom of the inning was a different story. Apparently someone was poking pins into a “NAD defense” voodoo doll. It seemed like everything the Macs hit ended up bouncing off our gloves. They had some of the best (and we, consequently, had some of the worst) luck I’ve ever seen. And it resulted in the Macs having a 5-2 lead after one.

Matt, doing his best to recreate his heroics of the week before, pounded a solo home run to allow the NADs to cut the lead by one. But the Macs had other ideas and scored 3 more to go up 8-3.

Not knowing the meaning of the word quit (among other words), the NADs scored another 3 to crawl back to 8-6. We had a chance at more, but -with runners on second & third- your NADitor grounded out to the pitcher to end the inning. And the Macs took advantage by scoring 5 in their half to take a 13-6 lead after three.

Even down 7 after three innings, we still wouldn’t give up. After two quick outs, we got four straight singles and a double by Mary to make it 13-9. And then the NAD defense got into the act. Finding its legs after a rough three innings, we clamped down and kept the Mac bats under wraps, holding them scoreless to keep it at 13-9. The key play was a line-out/throw-out double play.

The fifth inning saw more good defense from both teams. The NADs put up a goose-egg and the Macs could only muster one, making the score 14-9 after five innings of play.

The sixth inning saw us get two runs back, but the Macs get one of their own.

So we go to the seventh with the Macs holding a 15-11 lead. And that’s how it ended. We threatened, managing to get runners into scoring position. But we couldn’t knock them home.

Final Score: Macs 15  NADs 11

NAD Play of the Day:Normally it would be the double play. But I have a rule … if I’m involved in the play I don’t make it the play of the day. Unless ordered by Cap’n John. So the play of the day goes to Sue’s juggling catch in short field in the third inning.

NAD of the Day: Matt. He got the shaft last week, but not this time. 3-for-3 with a home run and 3 RBI.

Nads @ Stray Macs

Thanks to Rex, Ray, Jon, Kenichi, Dan, Jim M, Kevin, Matt, Jim I, Mary, Tom, Pete, Rob, John, Ram, and Sue.

And we’re all caught up.


Your humble NADitor,

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NAD News 06/02/2010

Welcome to the third episode of our NAD News catchup series. In this week’s episode, we see the NADs playing the second of the season’s umpired games. The opponent this time was Schwing And A Miss.

If you tuned in to the first episode of our catchup series, you’ll know that the NAD offense couldn’t quite get itself going the first time there was an umpire. We were hopeful for a better showing this time around.

We certainly started things off right, scoring two runs in the top of the first on a single by Jim S, a triple by Dan and a sacrifice fly. The NAD defense held Schwing scoreless to give us a quick 2-0 lead.

Doubles by Jon & Brian and a single by Rob plated two more runs for us in the second. Schwing managed to keep pace with two runs of their own it the bottom of the inning. With both teams unable to score in the third, the NADs took a 4-2 lead into the fourth.

We pushed two more across in the top of the fourth to put more pressure on Schwing. Unfortunately, Schwing was up to for the challenge, scoring four to tie the score at 6.

Jon (a single), Eddie (a double) & Brian (a double) kept things rolling for the NADs in the fifth, as we scored another two runs to recapture the lead. Schwing came back with one of their own to make the score 8-7.

We were unable to build on our lead in the top of the sixth and and Schwing took advantage by scoring one to tie the score at 8.

Now it’s crunch time. Top of the seventh, tie score. Your NADs were up to the task, though. Three singles and a triple later and we were taking a 3-run lead into the bottom of the seventh. That’s the good news.

The bad news? Schwing answered with 3 runs of their own in the bottom of the inning. They might have won the game, but Sue saved us with a great catch in short field.

A brief discussion ensued about whether to take the tie or play extras. It was decided that we would play one more inning and that would be it.

So now it’s really do-or-die time. But we had an ace up our sleeves in the form of Rex’s son, Matt. Matt started the inning by absolutely crushing the ball for a solo home run. That was the only run we’d score, but it now put pressure back on Schwing.

And they just couldn’t do it. After battling back the whole game, they were unable to come through one more time against the NAD defense.

And the NADs get their first win of the season!

Final Score: NADs 12  Schwing 11 (8 innings)

NAD Play of the Day: Matt’s game winning home run, of course.

NAD of the Day:You’d think it would be Matt. And he’d be a darn fine choice. But the award this week goes to newcomer Brian. He was 2-for-3 with 2 doubles, 2 RBI and a run scored. He also played stellar defense in the outfield and at shortstop.

NADs @ Schwing and a Miss

Thanks to Ray, Jim S, Dan, Mike Z, Jon, Eddie, Brian, Rob, Tom, Cap’n John, Sue, Anne and Matt.

3 down, 1 to go …

Your humble NADitor,

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NAD News 05/27/10

“Recap Catchup ’10” continues with our game from May 27. This one was against our the third D-minus team, Screaming Chicks. Being a D-minus game, we didn’t have a pesky umpire to worry about.

Sadly, it didn’t help the NAD bats warm up after their chilly performance the week before.

Things started out well well enough for us. The Chicks scored 3 in the first, 1 in the second and none in the third. Meanwhile, your NADs managed to keep pace with 1 in the first, 2 in the second and none in the third to go into the fourth down 4-3.

The Chicks started pulling away a bit in the fourth, as they scored 3 more to only 1 by the NADs to take a 7-4 lead.

And then the NADs stopped scoring. The Chicks plated 7 more runs while we managed a big fat goose egg. We decided to shift the blame for our poor hitting to a lonely box turtle we found in the field.

That, in a nutshell, is how we lost our 5th straight game to open the season.

Final Score: Screaming Chicks 14  NADs 4

NAD Play of the Day: Mike Z made quite the acrobatic, juggling catch in right field in the first inning. Would that I were faster with the camera.

NAD of the Day: Jim I. Jim was 1-2 with a triple and a run scored. He also pitched really well when called upon. We have a dearth of pitchers, so anytime someone can come in and help out, they get applause.

NAD Fans of the Day: Mary’s parents. It’s always nice to have an audience.

Thanks to Ray, Jim S, Dan, Rex, Jon, Jim I, Kevin, Mike Z, Mary, Rob, Cap’n John, Tom & Sue.

Screaming Chicks vs NADs

Your humble NADitor,

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