NAD News 5/14/09

OK … Seeing as I’m writing this at 2:30 on Monday and we have another game in 3-1/2 hours, let’s crank this puppy out.

Our game last week against the Stray Macs was a coming out party for the Bjurling family. We know they have a lot of talent on the softball field, but last week they carried the team.

The Bjurling Boys were the heart of the offense, going a combined 11 for 12 and scoring 8 runs. They did well on defense too, with speedy center fielder Jonathan making a nice catch backing up his dad. But they were outshined on defense by Super Sue, who tallied an unassisted double play at second base.

There was another unassisted double play, too. Unfortunately I don’t remember if it was Dan, Tom, or someone else who tallied it.

All this gushing about the Bjurling family is not to negate the efforts of the rest of the NADs. Almost everyone got a hit and 7 different NADs scored runs. And, after the first inning –when we coughed up 7 runs– the defense held the Macs to 7 runs over the final 5 innings.

Going into the bottom of the 6th, the NADs needed 3 runs to tie and 4 to take the lead (or win if it got dark). As with the start of the game, it was the Bjurling boys who came through. Jonathan doubled and scored on a hit by Dan. Ray then clubbed a home run to tie the score.

We couldn’t muster any more runs and decided that a tie was just dandy with us.

Final score: 14-14.

NAD Play of the Day: You’d think it would be the two unassisted double plays. Nope. It’s Jonathan’s sliding catch of a pop-fly off the glove of his dad. The wind was tricky for outfielders all day and Jonathan did a great job of being in the right place at the right time.

NADs of the Day: The Bjurling Family, duh. Jonathan was 3-4 with 2 doubles and 2 runs scored (plus that great catch). Dan was 4-4 with a double, a home run and 4 runs scored. Ray was 4-4 with 2 triples, a home run and 2 runs scored. And Sue was 2-3 and had an unassisted double play.

Thanks to the Bjurlings (Jonathan, Dan, Ray & Sue) and their supporting cast (Mary, Gary, Herb, Rob, Tom, Sylvia) for plugging away and getting us a tie.

Our next game is Monday 5/18 at Middletown against Twisted. There will be no umpire.

Your Humble NADitor,



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