Nad News 5/18/09

Yes, I’m late again with the update. I have all sorts of excuses for it, though. Pick the one you like best:

  1. Was really busy last week
  2. Leaving for vacation 5/30 & can’t think straight
  3. Couldn’t find words to do justice to the game

If I had to choose one, though, it would be number 3. If you weren’t there, the game really defies description … but in a good way.

The weather was cool last Monday and the NADs were faced with their first D0 test of the season. To make matters worse, the opponent was Twisted. The same Twisted that put a 34-4 beating on us last year. There would be no umpire this time, though, so maybe that would level the field a little bit.

And level the field it did. The NAD’s opened the game by holding Twisted scoreless in the top of the first. The NADs then struck quickly in the bottom of the inning. 3 doubles, a single and 2 sacrifices plated 3 runs for a quick 3-0 lead.

The second inning was eventless as both defenses did their jobs and held the other team scoreless. Things started to look grim in the top of the third as Twisted started to apply the same “hit a whole bunch of singles” strategy that scored them 34 runs last Summer. This time it netted them a quick 5 runs and a 5-3 lead after two-and-a-half innings. Your NADs, however, were not to be kept down. We responded by scoring 6 runs (all with 2 outs), including 2-run home runs by both Rex & Jonathan. And the NADs are back on top 9-5.

After another scoreless inning by both teams in the fourth, the NADs roared again in the fifth. The defense came up huge and held Twisted scoreless yet again. Then the NAD offense exploded again. 7 runs this time around. The big blows being a 2-run home run by Dan and back-to-back-to-back triples by Jonathan, Ken & Mike Z.

And now, with 5 innings gone, the NADs were firmly in the driver’s seat with a 16-5 lead.

And, as you might expect, we stayed right there. The NAD defense did it’s part well, only giving up 4 runs over the next two innings. The NAD offense was a little tired and didn’t score in the 6th.

Final Score: 16-9 … NADS WIN!

NAD Play of the Day: This goes to the NAD first base coach that kept a NAD rally going with a favorable call on a close play at first. I don’t remember the inning, but it was one of those breaks that changes a game.

NADs of the Day: If you’ve been reading these things for the past few years, you know that I rarely (if ever) single out one player when we win a game against a D0 team. This time is no exception. This week is a team award. We got good hitting, pitching & fielding from everyone. Game balls all around.

Thanks to Rex, Ray, Dan, Jon, Ken, Mike Z, Cap’n John, Rob, Jason, Matt, Tom, Sue & Sylvia for coming out & playing a hell of a game.

Our next game is Tuesday 5/26 at Middletown against Stray Macs. There will be no umpire.

Your Humble NADitor,



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