Nad News 6/10/09

Okey dokey, NADs. We’re long overdue for another edition of the NAD News. Before we start in on last week’s game, I just wanted to let you know that there won’t be one for our game of 6/2. I can tell you that we lost to Hebrew Nationals 14-13, but that’s it. I’ve had offers to brief me on the game, but without being there myself it wouldn’t be the same. But keep that score in mind. It’s important.

Now then, on to our last game against (once again) Stray Macs. As I’ve said in the past, we’re pretty evenly matched against the Macs. Yeah, sometimes we’ll pummel them or they’ll pummel us. But usually the games are pretty close and the result swings on a key hit here or great defensive play there. This game was one of those.

Things looked bad early for the NADs. The Macs led off the top of the inning and managed to dink & dunk their way to 7 early runs. There weren’t any NAD defensive breakdowns or booming home runs from the Macs. Just a bunch of hits that found holes & dropped just short. Your NADs would not be deterred, however. Our first 7 batters of the bottom of the inning reached base and when the dust had cleared on the inning we were within a run, 7-6.

The second inning was a near carbon-copy of the first except for the number of runs. The Macs plated 4 more runs to our 3 to make the score 11-9.

That’s when both sides started getting stingy. And by stingy I mean *really* stingy. As in the NAD defense completly shut out the Macs over the next 4 innings. So stingy that the NADs only needed 4 and 5 pitches to get out of the 3rd and 5th innings.

The Macs weren’t quite as stingy as we were. The NADs scraped together a run in the third and two in the fourth to take a 12-11 lead. And that’s where the NAD offense ran out of steam for a little bit, as we couldn’t push any more across the plate in the 5th & 6th.

Somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd inning we all learned an important lesson about how speed directly relates to footwear. More specifically, we got to see what happens when the team jackrabbit isn’t wearing cleats. Resident speedster Jon took a tremendously dusty tumble around 1st base turning what, for him, would have been an easy home run into a triple. That he still got a triple is a testament to his speed & resilience. I think most of us would have just slinked on back to first.

Back to the game. It’s 12-11 NADs heading into the 7th. The NAD defense tries its best to end the game quickly, but can’t quite do it as the Macs score 3 to take a 14-12 lead.

Now it’s all up to the NAD offense, but confidence was running high. We had the top of the order up and our big bats coming to the plate. Alas, it was not to be. We gritted out one run, but the Macs made a couple good plays that neutralized our firepower.

For the second game in a row we fall to defeat, 14-13. I told you that previous score was important. And if it hadn’t been for a couple of diving snags by Mac captain, Madhavan, we probably would have won.

NAD Play of the Day: Dan’s backpedaling, diving catch at shortstop. There were 2 outfielders converging to catch the rebound, but it wasn’t necessary.

NAD of the Day: Newcomer Mike Z gets the honors this week. He cracked (and cracked is the operative word … he swings a wooden bat) 3 doubles and drove in 3 runs.

Thanks to Jim M, Ray, Dan, Eddie, Jim S, Mary, Cap’n John, Sue, Herb, Jon B and Sylvia.

Our next game is Tuesday, 6/16 at Middletown against Flying Pigs. This game WILL HAVE AN UMPIRE, so if you’re coming make sure you’re at the field by 6:00. If we don’t have enough players by 6:15, we will forfeit the game.

Also, having admitted to losing control of the team during our 5th inning muscle show last week (see what happens when you miss a game?), John has put me tentatively in charge of the team for the next 2 weeks. He says he has a prior obligation this week and a vacation next week, but I know the truth. He knows how good he looks after I run the team. What’s my point? Well, we haven’t forfeited a game in years and I’d hate to be the one in charge when we do. So if you can make it this week or next, I’d really appreciate it.

Your Humble NADitor,


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