NAD News 6/16/09

Greetings, NADs. It’s time once again for The NAD News. I know you’ve gotten used to having these little recaps come in about an hour or so before the next game, but I thought I’d change things up a bit this time.

The primary reason is that this is going to be a very very short NAD News. Not because I’m lazy (which I am), but because there’s really not all that much to say … especially after the first inning.

Our game this time was against The Flying Pigs, and it was our first umpired game of the season. Perhaps that played a hand in things. Who knows.

Anyway, things looked promising in the first inning. On the strength of 5 hits we scored a quick 3 runs. On top of that, the vaunted NAD defense held the Pigs to only 2 runs, for a quick 3-2 lead.

And that, my friends is when things started going south. The NADs were held scoreless over the next 5 innings and only managed to scratch out one more run in the 7th.

As you might have guessed, the Pigs scored a few more than that. In fact, they scored 16 more runs over the next 5 innings, including an 8 run outburst in the third.

Final score: Pigs 18 NADs 4

NAD Play of the Day: Eddie’s diving stop in the hole at second and quick throw to Dan covering the base to nab a speedy Pig.

NAD of the Day: This is a tough one. We all struggled at the plate and when we were in the field, the Pigs were adept at putting the ball wherever we weren’t. I’m going to go with Ken this time around. He went 2 for 3, scored the first run and played a darned good second base.

Thanks to Ken, Ray, Mike Z, Dan, Jim S, Eddie, Mary, Rex, Jason, Rob, Jim M, Tom & Sylvia

Our next game will be Wednesday, June 24 at the Middletown field. We’ll be back in our comfort zone of playing against Stray Macs, so there won’t be an umpire.

Your Humble NADitor,


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