Yet Another Rain Out

Well, for the third time this season, we’ve been rained out of our scheduled game. We were supposed to play Stray Macs last night (6/24), but the weather gods apparently don’t want us to play the Macs, as all our rain outs have been Mac games. Cap’n John’s going to have a heck of a time trying to reschedule.

Fortunately this isn’t the worst weather on NAD record. Back in ’03 we had SEVEN rain outs. For the first 8 weeks of that season, we had a rain out every other week. We even had our rescheduled games rained out, forcing John to do some serious scheduling gymnastics. We tried having two games in a week, but BOTH of those got rained out.

So, before you start thinking this season is bad, remember that it could be much much worse.


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