NAD News 07/22/09

It’s that time again NADs. Given my usual erratic updating schedule, you probably thought you’d have more time to relax & not think about softball. I just figured the quicker I got this out, the sooner you could put me out of your mind for another week or two.

Our game last night was our 9th of the season. We went into the game riding a modest 2-game winning streak and a record of 3 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie. If we could scrape out another win, we’d even up our record … something we haven’t been able to do since early June.

Once again we were playing the Stray Macs, but for a change of pace we were the away team, which means we got first ups.

As we have for the last couple games, we did our best to put the pressure on the other team early. Getting things started right, Jim S lashed a single and Ray followed with a booming home run to put us up 2-0 right off the bat (pun intended). So stunned by their dad’s hit, Jon & Dan could only follow with a double & single, respectively. Dan’s single drove in Jon, upping our lead. One triple & a sacrifice fly later and we were up 5 before the Macs ever came to bat. In the bottom of the inning, we continued our stellar defensive play of the last couple weeks, allowing only 2 runs, giving us a 5-2 lead after one.

The second inning was fairly uneventful, as both teams only scored one run. Though I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that our lone run came on a home run by Rex’s son, Matt.

The third inning saw a very slight reversal of fortunes for the NADs. We managed to scratch out 2 runs on a single and two doubles, but that’s it. The Macs were then able to cut into our lead a little bit by scoring 3 in their half of the inning. Fortunately, the damage was held to a minimum by some brilliant defense. Matt caught a fly in short field and a Mac runner decided to try to score. A strong throw to Dan at short followed by a perfect relay to Sue at home cut down the ambitious Mac to end the inning and keep our lead at 8-6.

Controversy came to the field in the top of the fourth. Mary & Tom had both singled, but were still on 2nd & 1st with two outs when Gary stepped to the plate. Gary roped one into center for a clean base hit. The center fielder bobbled the ball a bit and everyone went for the extra base. Mary scored, Tom ended up on third and Gary’s mad dash for second had him arriving there at the same time as the ball. The Mac fielder made a swipe for the tag and the Macs thought they had their third out.

Not so fast! In D-minus ball, the base coaches act as umpires. And our third base coach called Gary safe. An appeal was made to the first base coach, who didn’t have a good angle. Some NADs on the bench thought Gary was out. After some back & forth, Gary was asked. We all know that Gary is as honest as they come, so when he said he didn’t think he was tagged, we took him at his word and the inning continued. And it continued with a bang as Matt cranked a 3-run home run finish our scoring at 4 runs for the inning. The NAD defense held true, allowing only 1 Mac run, making the score to 12-7.

The 5th & 6th innings canceled each other out. In the 5th, we scored 3 on 3 triples and a single while holding the Macs scoreless. In 6th, the Macs held us scoreless while scoring 3 of their own. Again, the damage could have been worse but was held in check by another double play. This time Jim S caught a fly in left and threw a strike to Jon covering third to get an over-eager Mac tagging from second. Without that throw, maybe we don’t go into the seventh with a 15-10 lead.

With the exception of a solo home run by Jon, the NAD bats didn’t have much to say in the seventh. But the NAD defense did, holding the Macs scoreless once again.

And there you have it! A three-game winning streak and we even our record at 4 -4 -1.

Final Score: NADs 16 Macs 10

NAD Plays of the Day: The two double plays, obviously.

NADs of the Day: The first NAD is Matt Molisani. 2 homers, 4 RBI and he started one of the double plays. The other was suggested to me after the game, and I concur. Cap’n John also gets honors this week. He’s the one who puts together the fielding & batting line ups. And he’s the one who’s shepherded us through the last 3 wins.

Thanks to Jim S, Ray, Jon, Dan, Rex, Mary, Mike Z, Tom, Cap’n John, Gary, Matt & Sue!

Our next confirmed game is Thursday, August 6 in Middletown against Stray Macs. But that doesn’t mean we have off next week. Cap’n John is trying to get one of our rainouts rescheduled for next week … so keep an eye on your email!

Final Note: The annual post-season NAD Wild Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 29. Mary will be the gracious host this year. So mark your calendars & watch this space. Details as they become available.

Your Humble NADitor,


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