NAD News 08/06/09

A little busy this week, so we’re going to do a shorter recap of our last game. Away we go.

Last week was our 6th in the series of games against Stray Macs. And, as is usually the case, the teams were evenly matched. Initially it looked like it would be our day, as we staged a 4-run, 2-out rally in the top of the first. But, keeping with our theme of “evenly matched”, the Macs scored 4 in their half to tie things up.

Things continued evenly for the next 3 innings. No one scored in the 2nd or 4th innings. We scored 2 to the Macs’ 1 in the 3rd. So we had a slim 6-5 lead going in to the 5th.

Then things got a little uneven. Once again we didn’t score. But the Macs plated 4 to jump out to a 9-6 lead.

We got one back in the 6th to cut the lead to 9-7. And the Macs were held scoreless. So we went into the top of the 7th needing 2 runs to tie the score & 3 to take the lead.

It wasn’t to be. We went scoreless yet again. After scoring 59 runs in our last 4 games, I guess we were due for a game like this.

Final Score: Macs 9 NADs 7

NAD of the Day: Newcomer Diana. After borrowing a pair of game shoes from Mary, she was able to give Sue & Mary some much needed rest in the field.

NAD Play of the Day: Yet another throw out at home from the outfield. Jon threw a strike to the catcher in the second inning to get a greedy Mac runner.

Thanks to Jim S, Ray, Dan, Rex, Mary, Tom, Sue, Rob, Cap’n John, Jon, Diana & Jason.

Our next game is Thursday 8/13 in Middletown against Stray Macs. There will be no umpire.

Your humble NADitor,


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