NAD News 8/13/09

This was our penultimate game of the season, and the last one to be played against the Stray Macs.

Coming into the game with our record all even at 5 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie, we were looking for a victory to guarantee us at least a .500 season.

At the outset, things were lining up nicely for us. We opened the game with 5 straight hits to plate 3 runs while the NAD defense held the Macs to only 2. The second and third innings only served to confirm our belief that this would be our night as we scored two more runs while keeping the Macs total to only one more. And we move to the 4th inning with a 5-3 lead.

And this is where things started getting dicey. Playing without our young gun regulars (Jon, Dan, Matt & Jason), we were lacking a little in the power department. And it showed as we went scoreless over the next three innings.

Making matters worse, the Mac bats came alive in the 4th inning and rattled us for 5 runs. The Nad defense was able to keep the game from getting out of hand by holding the Macs to only one more run in the 6th.

So, trailing 9-5 heading to the 7th, we had a little work to do. We’d only scored 5 runs for the whole game, and now we needed 5 to take the lead.

And wouldn’t you know that’s exactly what we did. 2 doubles, 4 singles and a sacrifice and we found ourselves with a 10-9 lead.

Sadly, this is where our tale comes to an unhappy ending. A couple lucky breaks lead to the two runs that the Macs needed to win the game.

Final Score: Macs 11 NADs 10

NADs of the Day: It’s another family award, this time going to the Dubose family of Ken, Pam & Jake. Ken & Pam are long-time NADs who we haven’t seen in a while and Jake was making his NAD debut. Without them, we would only have had 6 players and would have forfeited.

NAD Plays of the Day: Jake made a great sliding/kneeling catch in center and Eddie made a great recovery & toss to Tom on a ball of his glove at short to get a Mac at second.

Thanks to Jake, Ken, Pam, Eddie, Tom, Rob, Mary and Cap’n John.

Our next game is Wednesday, 8/26 at Middletown against Screaming Chicks. There will be no umpire.

Side note 1: Cap’n John will not at the game. So you’re stuck with me running the show.

Side note 2: If you’re coming to the NAD Wild Party, RSVP to Mary ASAP.

Your humble NADitor,


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