NAD Wild Party

This year’s NAD Wild Party is set for Saturday August 29th starting at 2 PM. Mary Del Duca will be our gracious host this time around. RSVP to Mary by the end of our game Wednesday, 8/26. When responding, please let Mary know how many are coming and what you will be bringing. Some supplies we still need: hot dogs and rolls, side salad, beer, more beer.

Directions are below.

Mary 1 Burgers and Rolls
Tom 2 – 3 Baked Beans
John 3 Fruit Salad
Ray/Sue 2 – 5 Potato Salad, cookies
Mike 1 Super-fudge brownies
Gary 1 Ice Cream
Rob 1 Soda
Eddie 1 – 2 Cajun gumbo (spice on the side)
Mike Z 3 – 4 Beer
Cindy 1 Veggie platter & green salad
Sylvia 1 Corn on the cob

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