NAD News 08/26/09

Yes, I’m ridiculously late with this recap. But on the plus side, this is the last time I’ll be late until at least next May.

As you know, we had our last game a couple weeks ago. It was against one of the lower ranked D-zero teams, The Screaming Chicks. We’d played the Chicks a few weeks earlier and managed to scrape out a rain-shortened win. So the question before us was whether we could do it again.

Naturally we couldn’t do things the easy way. Our guiding light, Cap’n John, was on vacation. As was alternate Cap’n Jim Schiavone. Which meant it was up to your humble NADitor to run the show. My history when being handed “the book” is spotty at best. More often than not I get the games with scores like 30-3.

Enough of my whining. Back to the game itself. We were the home team, so the NAD defense had to take the field first and see what it could do. And I have to say, the NAD defense had it goin’ on! And it was goin’ on all game long. We held the Chicks to exactly zero runs through the first two innings.

It’s all well & good when the defense is going well. But it doesn’t mean anything if the offense doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain. But the NADs brought their A-game all around this time. 7 hits in the first inning gave us a quick 4 runs. Then in the second Ray absolutely walloped the ball for a solo home run. We all got to see where his son, Jon, got his speed from. We couldn’t add on to Ray’s performance, though, so we went to the third inning leading 5-0.

There was a slight hiccup in the defense as the Chicks scored 3 times in their half of the third. But the offense made sure to keep the pressure on with a single by Eddie and a 2-run homer by Matt to make the score 7-3 after three.

Good defense all-around was the story in the 4th inning. The Chicks got one run back in the top half and we couldn’t muster any. So after four, the NADs had a too-close-for-comfort 7-4 lead.

This is where our tale takes a turn. But not the direction that some might expect. As I said earlier, the NAD defense had it goin’ on all game long. They continued their great performance by only allowing single runs in the fifth & sixth innings.

The NAD offense was not about to let the defense take all the glory, though. Jon led off the bottom of the fifth with the NADs holding a slim 7-5 lead. He proceeded to take matters into his own hands. Or should I say his own feet.

He laced a shot to left that, for him, looked like an easy double. It wasn’t as easy as first thought, though. The throw from the outfield was arriving at second around the same time Jon was. And then something we’ve never seen happened. The ball stopped … Jon didn’t. He rounded second as if the ball was nowhere near the infield. Stunned, the Chicks never even tried to throw Jon out at third. Even though he probably could have scored, our third base coach had the good sense to hold Jon at third.

Spurred on by this display, we rapped out 4 more hits to increase our lead by four. It could have been more, but Matt got snagged for leaving first base without a ball being hit. This is a D-zero rule, not a D-minus rule. We don’t usually worry about it, but the Chicks called it and we didn’t argue (much).

The bottom of the 6th saw more NAD offense … 7 hits and 4 more runs to stretch our lead to 15-6.

So, with a commanding 9-run lead, it was up to the NAD defense to bring it home. And bring it home we did, holding the Chicks scoreless one more time.

Final Score: NADs 15 Chicks 6

NAD of the Day: Team award this time around. Everyone played great & we got production from the entire lineup.

NAD Play of the Day: Jon’s triple in the 5th inning. I tried my best to describe it, but you really had to see it to believe it.

Thanks to Ray, Jon, Mike Z, Eddie, Matt, Rex, Mary, Tom, Sue, Dan & Sylvia for coming out and helping us even our record at 6-6-1.

Your humble NADitor,

Final season stats

  • Record: 6 -6 -1
  • Record against D-zero: 4 – 2
  • Record against Stray Macs: 2 – 4 – 1
  • Record with an umpire: 1 – 1
  • Runs scored: 170
  • Runs against: 163
  • Rain outs: 4

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