NAD News 05/11/10

This week’s recap comes to us courtesy of Cap’n John himself.

On a cool, grey evening in Middletown, the Nads lost their third straight game, falling to the rival Stray Macs by a 12 – 7 score. For the first five innings, however, it was (by D-minus standards, anyway) a close, defensive game, with the score standing at 5-5 at the end of five. The Stray Macs then scored 3 in the sixth and 4 in the seventh to seal their victory.

We especially hail two Nads for their dedication and commitment. Mary Del Duca dragged herself out of her sick bed to play this game. Also, Kenichi Futamura returned to the field after successful surgery to repair the shoulder injury that forced him to miss most of last season.

The Nad Defense featured not one, but two double-plays. The story of the first one begins one play earlier. On that earlier play, Jon Bjurling nabbed a shot to center and fired back to first to try to double-up the Stray Mac runner. However, the throw nailed her square in the back and she walked off writhing in pain. Now, by rights, we had the double-play then, since the first baseman picked up the ball and stepped on first. However, being the kind, chivalrous group that we are, we didn’t want to take advantage of a person in pain and we let the Stray Mac runner remain safe at first. However, on the next play, there was a short fly to first. The runner, not having learned her lesson, was once again off the base and, this time, an unassisted Nad double-play ensued.

The second Nad double-play earns Nad Play of the Day honors – a classic 4-6-3 combination (Eddie to Dan to Kenichi).

Overheard at the game: Mary (playing catcher) repeatedly giving advice to her pitcher, using the words that God first spoke to Noah: “Keep the ark!”

Nad of the Day goes to Eddie for his straining to run around the bases as fast as he can with every ounce of his strength, in order to avoid being passed on the base paths by Dan, in the course of the latter’s home run shot in the first inning. Dan followed this with a celebratory chest-bump with Mary. I hope his mother wasn’t watching.

Thanks to the Nads who came out on a less than pleasant evening to play: Ray, Eddie, Dan, Rex, Jon, Ken, Mike Z., Mary, Tom, John, Rob and Sue.


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