NAD News 05/17/10

So I’m finally getting around to updating the blog with recaps of our last 4 games. I’d give you an excuse for why I’ve been so lax, but the only purpose it would serve would be to pad this thing out.

Naturally, there are drawbacks to waiting almost a full month before doing the recap for a game. The biggest one, of course, is that I can’t make heads or tails of my notes. And, for these earlier games, I wasn’t bright enough to take a picture of the score book so I could see who hit what and when.

All of this means you’re stuck with one of my not-so-famous “short form” recaps. And away we go.

Our game on 5/17 was against Hebrew Nationals and was the first of our 3 umpired games this season. We’ve done fairly well in recent years in umpired contests and we were hopeful that trend would continue.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be so. Now, that’s not to say we didn’t play well. We did. We only allowed Hebrew Nationals to score 10 runs … and most of those were scored during a 6-run 4th inning.

Unfortunately, the NAD bats never warmed up and we could only muster 5 runs.

Final Score: Hebrew Nationals 10  NADs 5

NAD Play of the Day: My notes say there was a double play. I don’t recall who was involved or when it happened. But it’s right there in black (well, blue) and white. So it must be true.

NAD of the Day: None. My notes stink, so I can’t rightly honor anyone. But we do have pictures from the game!

Nads @ Hebrew Nationals

Thanks to Rex, Ray, Dan, Kenichi, Jon, Mike Z., Matt, Sue, Rob, Cap’n John, Tom & Eddie.

Your humble NADitor,


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Directions to Allocco Field

From AT&T-MT go out of the facility and turn right onto S. Laurel toward Route 35. Go across 35 and stay on S. Laurel. Go about a half a mile or so and the first main intersection with a light is Middle Road. Take a right on Middle Road. The small parking lot is on the right after 3rd driveway down. My sources believe there is a bank and a day care center then the field.

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NAD News 05/11/10

This week’s recap comes to us courtesy of Cap’n John himself.

On a cool, grey evening in Middletown, the Nads lost their third straight game, falling to the rival Stray Macs by a 12 – 7 score. For the first five innings, however, it was (by D-minus standards, anyway) a close, defensive game, with the score standing at 5-5 at the end of five. The Stray Macs then scored 3 in the sixth and 4 in the seventh to seal their victory.

We especially hail two Nads for their dedication and commitment. Mary Del Duca dragged herself out of her sick bed to play this game. Also, Kenichi Futamura returned to the field after successful surgery to repair the shoulder injury that forced him to miss most of last season.

The Nad Defense featured not one, but two double-plays. The story of the first one begins one play earlier. On that earlier play, Jon Bjurling nabbed a shot to center and fired back to first to try to double-up the Stray Mac runner. However, the throw nailed her square in the back and she walked off writhing in pain. Now, by rights, we had the double-play then, since the first baseman picked up the ball and stepped on first. However, being the kind, chivalrous group that we are, we didn’t want to take advantage of a person in pain and we let the Stray Mac runner remain safe at first. However, on the next play, there was a short fly to first. The runner, not having learned her lesson, was once again off the base and, this time, an unassisted Nad double-play ensued.

The second Nad double-play earns Nad Play of the Day honors – a classic 4-6-3 combination (Eddie to Dan to Kenichi).

Overheard at the game: Mary (playing catcher) repeatedly giving advice to her pitcher, using the words that God first spoke to Noah: “Keep the ark!”

Nad of the Day goes to Eddie for his straining to run around the bases as fast as he can with every ounce of his strength, in order to avoid being passed on the base paths by Dan, in the course of the latter’s home run shot in the first inning. Dan followed this with a celebratory chest-bump with Mary. I hope his mother wasn’t watching.

Thanks to the Nads who came out on a less than pleasant evening to play: Ray, Eddie, Dan, Rex, Jon, Ken, Mike Z., Mary, Tom, John, Rob and Sue.

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NAD News 05/05/10

Having lost their first game of the season the week before, the NADs were back at it again. This time taking on D-Minus newcomers The Screaming Chicks. The Chicks are not unfamiliar to the NADs … we’ve been playing them for years. The Chicks just finally got smart and came over to the dark side.

As the visiting team, we had first ups. And we made the most of them. After 2 quick outs we strung together 8 straight hits (including a 2-run homer by Dan) to jump out to a quick 5-0 lead. Unfortunately, we had to let the chicks bat as well. And their batters quickly found our weakness … the sun in right field. The proved quite adept at hitting the ball right into the sun and scored 4 to close within 1.

The next inning saw the NAD bats go ice cold while the Chicks’ stayed warm. We couldn’t do anything, but the Chicks plated 6 more to take a 10-6 lead.

Things took a break in the third inning, as both teams put up goose eggs. The Chicks tried their “hit it into the sun” trick, but our right fielder managed to pick up the ball on the run and stop that strategy.

The fourth inning saw some life return to the offense. Consecutive triples by Dan & Ray started the inning off and led to 3 NAD runs. The NAD defense did its part, holding the Chicks to 2 and cutting their lead to 12-8.

More NAD firepower in the fifth produced 4 more runs to tie the score at 12. The big hits were 4 doubles, including one by our super catcher, Sue. The Chicks weren’t content with a tie and busted out for 6 runs of their own to go up 16-12.

The final two innings saw the NADs manage only one more run while giving up an additional 4 to the Chicks.

Final Score: Chicks 22 Nads 13

NAD of the Day: Ray was 5-5 and came up only a homer short of hitting for the cycle. He also scored 3 and knocked in 2.

NAD Play of the Day: Not too much defensive wizardry this week, so we’ll give this one to the offense. Dan’s booming home run in the first got us off to a good start. If only we were all able to follow his lead.

Thanks to Jon, Jim S, Eddie, Dan, Ray, Rob, Sue & Tom.

Your Humble NADitor,

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NAD News 04/28/2010

Yeah, it’s late. This might be a theme for a little while. Get used to it. However, to offset the lateness, we’ve added a new feature to the NAD Blog … Photos! Yes, that’s right. A camera will be making appearances at NAD games throughout the year. Now those of you who haven’t made it to any games will be able to put some faces to names.

The NADs opened our 2010 season a couple weeks ago. Our opponent? D-zero team, Twisted. Fortunately for us, we were the home team. Which meant it was a “No Umpire Allowed” game.

So how’d we do? Read on.

Things were looking good for the NADs after one inning. We put Twisted down 1-2-3 in the top of the first and 4 straight hits (including a double by Jim S) quickly put us on top 2-0.

However, the successful pitching from the 1st didn’t carry over to the rest of the game. And the NAD bats went cold from time to time. But that doesn’t mean we were out if it. Not by any stretch.

Sure, Twisted scored 4 in the second and 3 in the third while we put up goose eggs. Even when Twisted scored 3 more in the fourth to put the NADs in a 10-2 hole, we kept on scratching.

In the bottom of the fourth, 5 straight hits (including 4 for extra bases) plated 5 to bring the NADs to within 10-7.

Sadly this is as close as we would get. Twisted scored 5 and the NADs scored only 1 over the next two innings to make the score 15-8. In the 7th, Twisted scored their 16th & 17th runs. The NADs tried valiantly to muster an end-of-game rally, but could only manage 3 more runs.

Final Score: Twisted 17 NADs 11

NAD of the Day: Eddie. As one of the more self-deprecating members of the team, he’ll probably tell anyone & everyone about all the mistakes he made. But the bottom line is he went 3-for-3 with a double, scored 2 runs and drove in 2 runs.

NAD Plays of the Day: The Bjurling boys win the honors this week. Dan made a great falling catch at short and Jon had a sliding catch in center.

Thanks to Ray, Jim S, Dan, Eddie, Jon, Sue, Tom, Cap’n John, Anne, Ram and Nick.

And Logan better have a good excuse for pulling a no-show.

Your humble NADitor,

Twisted v. NADs

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NAD Party Pictures

I finally got around to posting the pictures from the NAD Wild Party. Sure, I could have put them up sooner, but then the blog would be completely dormant until May. Now at least you get a little bit of entertainment during the long, cold off-season.

As you can see, we weren’t able to go outside. Not content with raining out a host of games, Mother Nature tried to rain out our party, too. But we were undeterred, eventually taking over Mary’s garage as well as the downstairs of her house.

Just click the pics for a larger view.

Thanks, Mary for the pics and for hosting!!

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NAD News 08/26/09

Yes, I’m ridiculously late with this recap. But on the plus side, this is the last time I’ll be late until at least next May.

As you know, we had our last game a couple weeks ago. It was against one of the lower ranked D-zero teams, The Screaming Chicks. We’d played the Chicks a few weeks earlier and managed to scrape out a rain-shortened win. So the question before us was whether we could do it again.

Naturally we couldn’t do things the easy way. Our guiding light, Cap’n John, was on vacation. As was alternate Cap’n Jim Schiavone. Which meant it was up to your humble NADitor to run the show. My history when being handed “the book” is spotty at best. More often than not I get the games with scores like 30-3.

Enough of my whining. Back to the game itself. We were the home team, so the NAD defense had to take the field first and see what it could do. And I have to say, the NAD defense had it goin’ on! And it was goin’ on all game long. We held the Chicks to exactly zero runs through the first two innings.

It’s all well & good when the defense is going well. But it doesn’t mean anything if the offense doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain. But the NADs brought their A-game all around this time. 7 hits in the first inning gave us a quick 4 runs. Then in the second Ray absolutely walloped the ball for a solo home run. We all got to see where his son, Jon, got his speed from. We couldn’t add on to Ray’s performance, though, so we went to the third inning leading 5-0.

There was a slight hiccup in the defense as the Chicks scored 3 times in their half of the third. But the offense made sure to keep the pressure on with a single by Eddie and a 2-run homer by Matt to make the score 7-3 after three.

Good defense all-around was the story in the 4th inning. The Chicks got one run back in the top half and we couldn’t muster any. So after four, the NADs had a too-close-for-comfort 7-4 lead.

This is where our tale takes a turn. But not the direction that some might expect. As I said earlier, the NAD defense had it goin’ on all game long. They continued their great performance by only allowing single runs in the fifth & sixth innings.

The NAD offense was not about to let the defense take all the glory, though. Jon led off the bottom of the fifth with the NADs holding a slim 7-5 lead. He proceeded to take matters into his own hands. Or should I say his own feet.

He laced a shot to left that, for him, looked like an easy double. It wasn’t as easy as first thought, though. The throw from the outfield was arriving at second around the same time Jon was. And then something we’ve never seen happened. The ball stopped … Jon didn’t. He rounded second as if the ball was nowhere near the infield. Stunned, the Chicks never even tried to throw Jon out at third. Even though he probably could have scored, our third base coach had the good sense to hold Jon at third.

Spurred on by this display, we rapped out 4 more hits to increase our lead by four. It could have been more, but Matt got snagged for leaving first base without a ball being hit. This is a D-zero rule, not a D-minus rule. We don’t usually worry about it, but the Chicks called it and we didn’t argue (much).

The bottom of the 6th saw more NAD offense … 7 hits and 4 more runs to stretch our lead to 15-6.

So, with a commanding 9-run lead, it was up to the NAD defense to bring it home. And bring it home we did, holding the Chicks scoreless one more time.

Final Score: NADs 15 Chicks 6

NAD of the Day: Team award this time around. Everyone played great & we got production from the entire lineup.

NAD Play of the Day: Jon’s triple in the 5th inning. I tried my best to describe it, but you really had to see it to believe it.

Thanks to Ray, Jon, Mike Z, Eddie, Matt, Rex, Mary, Tom, Sue, Dan & Sylvia for coming out and helping us even our record at 6-6-1.

Your humble NADitor,

Final season stats

  • Record: 6 -6 -1
  • Record against D-zero: 4 – 2
  • Record against Stray Macs: 2 – 4 – 1
  • Record with an umpire: 1 – 1
  • Runs scored: 170
  • Runs against: 163
  • Rain outs: 4

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